homemade dog food

The Story of Homemade Dog Food

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Part 1

When we post on social media or go LIVE on Tik Tok, the same comment we receive from our community and new followers,

“Wow, Ivy and Zo’s coat is so shiny! What vitamins do you give them?”

The answer to this isn’t the vitamins but the food.

Story time…

We brought our first boxer girl home in June 2003. She was our first dog and boxer. My husband grew up with a boxer girl so after a year of me researching by buying books (remember those), I began looking for a breeder to find our boxer girl.

I wanted to make sure I understood the dog breed, the good, the bad, the ugly and the great!

Well we definitely got our experience of having a boxer! Marley was sweet, kind, caring and emotional. With all this, she had abundant energy that playing for hours at time didn’t tame but with this, she also would get ill from her kibble. We tried the organic, grain-free, prescription and whatever was on the market at the time (unlike today).

I had Marley at multiple vets and animal hospitals because she couldn’t keep her food inside. She was very thin and we needed to find a solution. Finally we found a vet who said to us, “Have you tried just cooking for her?”

We would make pots of chicken and rice soup for her but it wasn’t a constant thing we did. The vet suggested we try this and so cooking for our boxer started in 2005.

Fast forward to this year…

Ivy and Zo joined us last year and they were on kibble. We wanted to see how they would do before starting them on the homemade food. Around six months, Zo started displaying health issues. He had two UTIs (one before his neuter and one afterward) and Ivy had a UTI as well. But Zo’s fur was becoming coarse and I mentioned this to my husband.

Times have changed and the last time we wanted to feed our boxer homemade food, it was a big deal so we began researching to find out it’s not so taboo anymore. We decided on a few meals for Ivy and Zo and found a store with inexpensive meat and at 7 months, the homemade dog food diet began.

Until next time, when we share some of the foods we feed Ivy and Zo.