We are two boxer siblings from Delray Beach from the same litter. Ivy was a runt and is brindle and Zo was born second and is a sealed brindle.

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Our parents really love us and want to share our boxer silliness and antics with the world!

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Welcome to IvyandZo.com, also known as Two Boxers from Delray Beach. We are siblings, born from the same litter. Ivy is brindle and Zo is reverse brindle, or also called sealed. Ivy was born eighth and a runt of the litter, and Zo was born second. They are bonded and love each other so much. …


If you would like to contact Ivy and Zo’s parents, please use the email address.

Don’t get your #boxer a bell… Zo was ringing it at 6:30 until his breakfast was served 🙄 #dog #smart

In today’s episode of what is Ivy scared of, a hanging bookbag… #boxers #dog

Zo 🐻 doing his laps #boxer #dog #swim

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