Ivy and Zo in the pool

Ivy and the 4 am pool party

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We were in the process of packing up our home in Florida to move north, and those last couple of weeks before the move were stressful for the humans. But not for Ivy and Zo! Apparently, they were overjoyed that the pool fence was taken down because of the home sale and open houses, which gave them some freedom over the pool.

So before we left our home of 15 years, Ivy and Zo decided they needed to have one last 4 am pool party! You can watch the video at the link of Ivy denying any pool party happened.


Ivy and Zo Florida pool

The plan was to purchase a home with land and a pool. And we almost did, except when the home inspection report came back; it wasn’t good, and we had to pull our offer 4 days before we moved. Do I miss not seeing the dogs in the pool? Of course, but as the temperatures were staying hot a lot longer, the dogs weren’t outside much or for long periods. Plus, the maintenance of our pool was a lot of work. It looked gorgeous because we did a lot of maintenance to keep it that way and our backyard.

Ivy and Zo in the pool

With the move back to seasons, they are outside every day. Between walks, backyard play, and car rides, the temperature has made it better for all of us to be able to enjoy being outside again.

For a few days, we had no idea where we would live and did consider VRBO, but with the two dogs and our daughter, who needed to be registered for school, luckily we found a house to rent that gave us everything we needed. Except for a pool, so what did I do? I bought an above-ground pool and am now figuring out which pool steps to get so that Ivy and Zo can continue their 4 am pool parties.

Well, not really, but at least daily pool parties as the weather is warming up.

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